December 10 x x x x

Madcap and twisted XNTHONY meets another complete nutter, the fantastic HUGH COONEY. Together they become fabulous cover girls for the XMAS edition of TOTALLY DUBLIN.

Check out the complete interview here. Photos by Dan Dennison. Direction by Lauren Kavanagh. Words by Seamas O’Reilly. Drama by XNTHONY & HUGH COONEY. Obvs.


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November 21 x x x

Fun, honest and insightful interview between XNTHONY & Stephen Moloney of MASC.LIFE.

‘Speaking with Xnthony is demanding. He is frequently interrupted by his own interjections – a throwaway remark, an aside, a footnote, a mutter, an exclamation, an indeterminable sound – many of which seem like ideas, or the bases for ideas, which find brief expression before being stored away for the future. Or maybe they are immediately forgotten and replaced. Sitting face to face with him is to be confronted by somebody frothing and foaming with ideas, schemes, and plans ["as long as I have a filter, everything is good"]. For this, speaking with Xnthony is energising. Undoubtedly, he is provocative – for the sake of it or not, I do not know – and seems to enjoy seeking out reactions. However, like the art he makes, and the art he is, Xnthony is compelling – you can’t look away and, even if you could, you probably wouldn’t want to.’

Check out the rest here.

XNTHONY has plenty more interviews available online. Like here, here, and here!

XNTHONY has also appeared umpteen times on BROADSHEET.IE. To view, just click here.

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November 21 x x


September 6 x

XNTO PANTO was a great success! Thanks to The Glory London and Outhouse Dublin for helping us create this very special platform, and all the amazing performers who took part. Stay tuned for more news re: XNTO PANTO in 2017.


It wouldn’t be Christmas without a pantomime and this year Pop-Star XNTHONY is bringing you a show like no other!

Part panto, part pageant, part trashfest XNTO PANTO showcases a diverse range of acts plucked from across the U.K and Ireland.

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DOUZE wins prestigious Comedy Award

July 18 x x x


July 17th saw XNTHONY & The Penny Slots winning the prestigious Best Comedy Award at the 2016 International Youth Arts Festival with their critically acclaimed show DOUZE. The show had played to packed audiences at the festival, which sees the best of the international arts scene perform their work.

DOUZE continues to tour England, visiting Reading, Yorkshire, Somerset and the London Irish Centre with more dates to be announced.

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The Penny Slots

July 7 x


Introducing The Penny Slots! HANNAH & TIFFANY. The all singing, all dancing, unquestionably committed and passionate XNTHONY super fans. They want the Eurovision. But more importantly they support XNTHONY no matter what!

You can follow The Penny Slots on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram! -> @ThePennySlots … Say hi… They’re very nice…

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who are we?!

July 7 x x

Did you question your position on #BREXIT ? We tried to convince you to STAY! We need you! We can’t do this without you!

But of course… no one listened. But no matter, our possible Eurovision banger for 2017 was an underground hit in London and Ireland. And beware, it’s a catchy one.

…Pity “remain” wasn’t as catchy as this tune…!

Introducing ‘WHO ARE WE’ – a very special music video all about Brexit. Mind you it is also a possible #eurovision song for Ukraine in 2017 and we all know how popular those political songs are at the moment!

Filmed & Edited by Samuel Ashley with X&Co

#douze #voteremain #strongerin #bettertogether #fuckborisjohnson

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July 7 x x


2017 Roscommon Co Co Artist Bursary
2017 Roscommon Co Co Tyrone Guthrie Residency Award
2017 Mermaid Arts Centre Gap Day Award
2016 Best Comedy Award, International Youth Arts Festival
2016 Roscommon CO CO Artist Bursary
2015 Dublin City Council Project Award
2014 Incubation Award, The Lab, Dublin City Council
2014 ArtsAdmin Banner Award
2014 Goldsmiths Student Award
2014 Roscommon CO CO Artist Bursary
2014 Dublin City Council Project Award
2014 ArtsAdmin Banner Graduate Award
2013 Travel and Training Grant, Arts Council Ireland
2012 Art@Work Residency, Roscommon CO CO
2012 Runner-Up Alternative Miss Ireland

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