The Glory London x March 17th

XNTHONY’s CULCHIE CABARET was a ROARING SUCCESS! So much so that it returns on June 16th with SODOM & BEGORRAH!


The Glory is opening its hole (again) for Ireland’s (and the UK’s) fave Eurovision sensation XNTHONY as part of The Glory’s green and festive St Patrick’s Day FEIS (It’s an Irish word, look it up!)

That’s right folks; this is the IRISH THEMED queer, frolicking freakshow you DEFS need on St. Patrick’s Day. Where better to experience and refresh your Irishness than in XNTHONY’s hole at the Glory Basement! Expect songs on colonialism*, Catholic hymns, spicebags (Irish speciality), marriage vows (for all those Brits desperately in need of an EU passport) and of course, lots of tea. And holy water. We really love holy water.

Townies & Heterosexuals welcome. We’ll even let protestants in!

But do remember…KEEP IT CULCHIE. KEEP IT QUEER. You know Ireland has equal marriage now so we’re TOTES liberal and hip.

XNTHONY is thrilled to share the stage with a fabulous consortium of queer culchies TBA…