July 10 x x x x x x x

DOUZE Web With Banner 2

XNTHONY and The Penny Slots are making (another) Eurovision comeback!

Armed with a host of hit songs to choose from, this loveable poptastic comedy will leave you in stitches. They’re making a bid to represent Ireland in the next Eurovision but need your help in picking the winning song.

Aiming for Douze Points and European glory, they’ll do anything to get there!

Winner of Best Comedy IYAF 2016, the smash-hit comedy makes its Edinburgh Festival Fringe debut this summer.

‘Stunning… High Energy… Hilarious’ (Meg.ie).
‘Genuinely Hilarious’ (Irish Times).
****½ (Reviews.Hub.com).

who are we?!

July 7 x x

Did you question your position on #BREXIT ? We tried to convince you to STAY! We need you! We can’t do this without you!

But of course… no one listened. But no matter, our possible Eurovision banger for 2017 was an underground hit in London and Ireland. And beware, it’s a catchy one.

…Pity “remain” wasn’t as catchy as this tune…!

Introducing ‘WHO ARE WE’ – a very special music video all about Brexit. Mind you it is also a possible #eurovision song for Ukraine in 2017 and we all know how popular those political songs are at the moment!

Filmed & Edited by Samuel Ashley with X&Co

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