November 21 x x


December 2 x x



DOUZE, SPILL Festival of Performance 2014, photo by Guido Mencari.


November 3 x x

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The winning (and my favourite) song from last weeks performance of DOUZE at SPILL Festival in Ipswich. The whole idea is that we do a rendition of all the songs we have available to you, and you the delightful public decide which song is your favourite. Numbers was the winning song, perhaps because it’s actually written for children.



October 9 x x x x




From the east side to the west side

gonna party like its 1989

nostalgia euphoria

dance all night like warriors


block it out for just one night

keep on dancing it’ll feel all right

party away all of our cares

this dance floor is open for all to share


on this dance floor there’s no room

for day to day doom and gloom

cuz baby its night time and time to dance

it’s ritualistic numbing trance


i dont want to hear about what’s out there

for once i want not care

i want to party party all day

party till our cares blow away

Who are we?

October 9 x x x



Who are we in this EU?

‘My songs are just the biggest gifts I could give… I get all these songs …and this song isn’t even made for the eurovision…it wasn’t on purpose really I just heard it.

its not about the music that I love…but the message’.

In the ’90s the Irish thought they’d take the piss by winning the Eurovision Song Contest 3 decades in a row. This joke soon turned into a nightmare as they realized hosting the competition every year cost a fortune. Drastic money-making procedures were put into action which culminated in a song and dance show called Riverdance where lots of Irish people would bang their feet off the floor in unison. This seemed to amuse foreigners, especially Asians.


February 7 x x

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Battersea Arts Centre Freshly Scratched was great tonight.

The idea is big, and seemingly unmanageable.

But ideas are just problems that need to be solved, and we’re one step closer to solving it. X

Scratch it

January 27 x x x

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On February 6th at 7.30pm myself and new additions to X & CO (we are diversifying!) will be taking part of FRESHLY SCRATCHED NIGHT at the amazing Battersea Arts Centre.

I’m super excited to have the chance to plant this seed of an idea, especially at a place which such an excellent reputation such as Battersea.

Although at the very early stages of development I can say this new project is, as I have been hinting, a Eurovision themed event. How that idea is framed, and where it goes still has a long way to go. Tentatively entitled DOUZE, I envision the work taking a much longer time than I would usually take to make something new. This is because I respect the legacy of the Eurovision Song Contest enough (and myself) to take my time with the project (although saying that it might happen very, very fast!).

Key words I am thinking of are POLITICS, WAR, VICTORY and the MUSICAL.

If you’re in London on the night, pop in, it’s free.