May 16 x x x x

SODOM AND BEGORRAH is THE Irish inspired QUEER party you’ve been waiting for! It’s bursting at the seems…filled to the brim with SHE-nanigans and a whole host of lovely, licentious lads and lassies!

Presented by XNTHONY and ANNIE PICS, SODOM & BEGORRAH was a huge success back in June!

The NEXT Sodom & Begorrah comes on Oct 20th at The Glory. Book here.



October 9 x x x x




From the east side to the west side

gonna party like its 1989

nostalgia euphoria

dance all night like warriors


block it out for just one night

keep on dancing it’ll feel all right

party away all of our cares

this dance floor is open for all to share


on this dance floor there’s no room

for day to day doom and gloom

cuz baby its night time and time to dance

it’s ritualistic numbing trance


i dont want to hear about what’s out there

for once i want not care

i want to party party all day

party till our cares blow away