XNTHONY in The Irish Times

September 17 x x

XNTHONY talks to the Irish Times about the push and pull rural and city life, escaping Ireland and rebranding Roscommon. Read it here.

The Irish Times

September 29 x x

Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 17.47.53


The Irish Times and I are really good friends. Friends that have fun together but when it comes to understanding each other we don’t really get it all right. However, I do love this image taken before the preview of KITSCHCOCK two weeks ago. Innocence like.

My Q&A with The Irish Times.

August 17 x x x

I’ve been a busy bee doing what I do best – talking about myself.

Check out this Q&A with Una Mullally of the Irish Times in her PopLives column.

No matter how intelligent I come off, there is one glaringly obvious mistake which a friend of mine pointed out to me.

Can you can see it?


The Top Sixty

July 24 x

So today I discovered I have been listed on the 60 Most Creative People In Ireland Right Now list in the Irish Times today! I am so thrilled!

Not just that – but the other people on the list makes it even more nice. Many of these are idols of mine – Panti, THISISPOPBABY, Julie Feeney and the like. Don’t really know how I got on it but it’s a nice treat to keep me going.

AND I am altogether chuffed (and relieved) it’s alphabetical!