XNTHONY is an award winning international Theatre, Music + cabaret Artist. He makes future facing PERFORMANCE work that explodes on stage, at the club + in the community.

‘Xnthony LTD’ is a new non-profit organisation looking to inspire, support and dream big. stay tuned.

It’s possible that Xnthony has found an ideal character note for the ordinary & the extraordinary.
— Exeunt Magazine

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pop culture, DISSECTION & reflection

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This is not a story about the status quo. This is a story about making a change.



The award winning Pop-Comedy about eurovision and brexit. yes, we did it before anybody else.

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The power of Wow

out is the glitter & glam. In is wife to be Tiffany. How about a slice of heteronormativity?

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Air guitar (in development)

It’s The way people talk. Flurries of silent, sympathetic gestures with nothing at the heart of it but the memory of the music.

It’s about loving pop music, and why we do.

It’s About things that used to be cool but aren’t anymore.

It’s About being very bad, frivolous & silly. and loving it anyway.

Supported by Arts Council Ireland.



trembling DANCE FLOORS & hot, hot gigs

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Sodom & BegorRAH

A celebration of Irish Emmigration; Sodom & begorrah is a queer night of she-nanigans. Click the ‘what’s on’ link above for new dates.



Step into a magical world of imagination where boundaries are forgotten and anyone can be whoever they want to be. A club show for kids aged 3-8.


Deluxe Access

Do you believe in life after life? You’ll dance with deities, chat with cherubim and grind your heavenly bodies in this exclusive Bacchanalia.



the art of taking part

The Third Mountain

The Third Mountain

Lost on a mysterious mountain top, a lone traveler finds himself surrounded by an intriguing bunch of characters and their stories. Made with ballyleague national school.

very famous art to colour in

very famous art to colour in

Working with The Brothers of Charity: this gallery experience welcomes the public to engage in the making of the art in the show. So, grab a crayon. You’ve got some very famous art to color in.

Legends & Legacies ball

Legends & Legacies ball

a one night spectacular at the Albany Theatre celebrating older people in the LGBT+ Community. This is glitter stomping, high heel hopping brilliance and bravery at its best. Book now.


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