X + CO smash pop music, comedy and cabaret into smush, piecing together distinctive, theatrical and original work from the fragments. We are passionate about bringing the club to the theatre and the theatre to the club. We engage audiences through energetic, enlivening and thought provoking performances which knows what you expect and flips it on its head.

In the club, X + CO have been at the forefront of bringing London and Dublin innovative, entertaining and subversive cabaret and club events. These include London’s only queer Irish night SODOM & BEGORRAH (with Peter Fingelton) celebrating all things Irish and everything in between.

The company is made up of performance maker Anthony Keigher AKA XNTHONY and associate producer David Doyle as well as a ever changing group of talented designers and makers from all over the world. X + CO use the frame of Anthony Keigher’s alter-ego popstar XNTHONY as a way to explore topical and relevant issues relating to us all right now.