XNTHONY is an award winning international Theatre, Music + cabaret Artist. He makes future facing PERFORMANCE work that explodes on stage, at the club and online.

It’s possible that Xnthony has found an ideal character note for the ordinary & the extraordinary.
— Exeunt Magazine


 Image by Brian Teeling

Image by Brian Teeling


This is not a story about the status quo.

This is a story about making a change.

Xnthony was 12 when he made his confirmation. He was 26 when Roscommon voted no in the marriage equality referendum. This is the story of those moments and everything that happened in between, exploring the complex relationships we have with the places we call home and the stories they hold. A poignant pop concert about looking for confirmation and wondering if we can ever find it.

Confirmation is a candid, captivating piece of theatre for 21st Century Ireland.
— Reviews Hub
Sassy, slick and sensational.
Sonically Stirring.
— The Irish Times
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XNTHONY is back at The Glory with his XMAS cult hit XNTO PANTO: a jam packed hour of Christmas she-nanigans and song.

XNTHONY and his troupe of musicians promise to dazzle, leaving you fuzzy and warm in all sorts of spots just in time for XMAS with his signature blend of music, wit and mayhem.

The Glory, DEC 15th @ 7.30pm. £10.



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Xnthony and The Penny Slots are making (another) Eurovision comeback. Armed with a host of hit songs to choose from, this loveable poptastic comedy will leave you in stitches. Winner of Best Comedy IYAF 2016.

Stunning… High Energy… Hilarious.
Genuinely Hilarious.
— The Irish Times

The Power of Wow


Having failed to represent anyone in the Eurovision, XNTHONY is pivoting. Out is the glitter and glam. In is wife-to-be Tiffany.

This is the celeb wedding of the millennium and they want you to join them on their special day as they stand together with sweaty palms and open hearts.

Bring your dancing shoes. Dress to wow. Would you like beef or salmon? Or how about a slice of heteronormativity?

This is a brave work of art that is not afraid to push boundaries and does so with confidence, conviction, and bananas.
— Sitting On The Fourth Wall
It’s clearer than before that Xnthony is a scathing ridiculer, showing the ugly side of celebrity culture.
— Musings in Intermissions
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Sodom &      BegorRAH

A celebration of Irish Emmigration; Sodom & begorrah is a queer night of she-nanigans for all brought to you by XNTHONY + more.


Bingo Babes!

Monthly Bingo madness at The Glory & E20'S TINA WE SALUTE YOU. There are prizes, there are balls. There may even be some bingo. Free!



Book your birthday party with Xnthony's new Birthday Themed Cabaret made just for you! We’ll make you feel special.

Xnthony is one of London’s leading comedic hosts, performers and club makers. Just get in touch to book.

Other gr8


Other great thingz XNTHONY is working on.


The Third Mountain

The Third Mountain is a podcast coming in 2019 made by the students of Ballyleague Primary School + Xnthony.

Stay tuned for updates and the official launch.


The nathan Carter Show

An Exhibition of new work coming Autumn 2019.

XNTHONY will present a new exhibition of work, his first in 7 years years, in Autumn 2019 at Roscommon Arts Centre.

The work, made in collaboration with The Brothers of Charity, focuses on mark making as performance, but don’t worry, there’ll still be a disco ball.


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