Image by Brian Teeling 

Image by Brian Teeling 


This is not a story about the status quo. This is a story about making a change.

A musical memoir about growing up in Roscommon. Xnthony was 12 when he made his confirmation. He was 26 when Roscommon voted no in the marriage equality referendum. This is the story of those moments and everything that happened in between, exploring the complex relationships we have with the places we call home and the stories they hold. A poignant pop concert from an award-winning creative team about looking for confirmation and wondering if we can ever find it.

Supported by Arts Council Ireland, Creative Ireland & Roscommon County Council with Dublin Fringe Lab

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XNTHONY is a performance maker fusing popular and queer culture with his own unique outlook. He makes performance which unfold on stage, at the club and online.  


XNTHONY is the Prince of Ireland (at least in his head), Ireland’s LGBT+ Entertainer of the Year, A Comedy Award Winner and the 2018 Face of #SMIRNOFF.

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X & CO... 

smash pop music, comedy and cabaret into smush, piecing together distinctive and original work from the fragments.

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In the Club

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Sodom &      BegorRAH

A celebration of Irish Emmigration; Sodom & begorrah is a queer night of she-nanigans for all brought to you by XNTHONY & Annie Pics. Watch this space for more Sodomy and Buggery in the summertime.


Bingo Babes!

Monthly Bingo madness at The Glory & E20'S TINA WE SALUTE YOU. There are prizes, there are balls. There may even be some bingo. Free, from 7pm. 



Book your birthday party with Xnthony's new Birthday Themed Cabaret made just for you! Featuring drag, games, cake, jelly and icecream + MORE to make you feel truly special on your BDAY. Book now if your BDAY is in June!


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