All you stars, you dreamers, you icons and queens. All you artists, you singers, you swingers and kings.

If you have a talent that you want to show off in a spectacle of glitter, glamour and flare, this is your time.

Doesn’t matter if it’s spoken word, song, comedy or drag. You can do what you want.


Because you’re a legend with a legacy. That’s why.

This is high heel stomping, glitter romping, joy at its best.

Now, join up, stick on a wig and show off that ‘frankly my dear i don’t give a damn’.

*No wire hangers were used in the making of this callout. Promise.


The legends & LEGACIES PROJECT will continue its life as part of the winter program at the southbank centre on december 21st with A yuletide hooley of high-heel-stomping, glitter-romping fun, celebrating London’s older LGBT+ community in a one-off festive variety show extravaganza. more info soon.