Tátátátágether: The Referendum Results Screening in London

I'm really excited to have teamed up with the amazing people at The London Irish Abortion Rights Campaign to put together this event.

We felt it's really important to create a space where we can be together as we await for the results on May 26th. Whether you're just back from voting, or if you're stuck in London because you couldn't for whatever reason, we can all be together.

We can boogie if it's the result we want.

We can protest if it's not.

Either way, we will be TÁTÁTÁTÁGETHER.

Get in touch if you want to perform, or make or do. Open from 12pm till 2am at The Tiger in E9. We will update the event as more details emerge for the results day.

Confirmation Research & Development comes to an end.

Since January I have been undertaking a period of Research & Development in my home town Roscommon, Ireland. This glorious and fruitful phase of development was all in aid of my new queer-rural pop concert 'CONFIRMATION'.

CONFIRMATION is the last in a trilogy of work (preceded by DOUZE and The Power of Wow). It explores the intersection between Rural and Queer life following Roscommon County's rejection of Marriage Equality in 2015. 

It has been a magical journey and I can't wait to show you what we've got. 

Sodom & Begorrah returns!


Children of Ireland … hear our call!

This is it! The big one! Crack open the Guiness and shake out yer snakes! It’s St. Patrick’s Day and we’re throwing the biggest, queerest, greenest party in town! Annie Pics and XNTHONY join forces for a night of cabaret, drag, live music, Riverdance, Daniel O’Donnell worship and that inevitable Cranberries sing-along. 

The now infamous SODOM & BEGORRAH is OPEN TO ALL: Irish and non-Irish, Ls, Gs, Bs AND Ts, immigrants of all nationalities, Brits desperately applying for an Irish passport, Catholics… we’ll even let protestants in!

On the night Ireland’s LGBT+ entertainer of the year XNTHONY’s is back with the hit ‘Culchie Cabaret’ kicking things off in the basement at 10pm (sharp!). It’s XNTHONY’s First Holy Communion and he wants to share his body (oh christ...!). Culchie Cabaret features a plethora of new, queer work including...

Oisín McKenna
Eva O’Connor
Helen Black
Nat West
And all the way from actual Ireland...MARS!

Upstairs, get b*witched by the Voice of Ireland herself ANNIE PICS and her lovely cailíní...including...

Grace Shush
Oberon White
Scarleh O’Hara
Kathleen Mí Holeháin
Dorsel Vaine as THE Daniel O'Donnell!

All this queer, Celtic spectacle is soundtracked by DJ superstars JONATHAN BESTLEY and DANCE ARMSTRONG!

Dress for sinning. Dress for winning. Wear something green! More special guests to be announced!


Xnthony and Public Discussion about Roscommon

Hi Roscommon! 

For the next few months I will be a regular artist in residence in Roscommon Arts Centre. The reason I am there is to develop a new, exciting, music production about...Roscommon! 

The piece if called 'Confirmation' and it's inspired by my Confirmation Booklet from 2002 and Roscommon County's rejection of the marriage equality referendum in 2015. The show aims to investigate and change the perception of Roscommon and rural life in general. 

As part of this I want to talk to as many people as possible about what Roscommon means to them (among other things). For that reason I am holding a public discussion, open to all, at Gleesons Cafe on Thursday January 25th. This is for everybody, so please feel welcome to come!

The project is funded by Arts Council Ireland, Creative Ireland and Roscommon Co Co. It's an ambitious project which we aim to tour nationally and internationally, with its first showings at Dublin Fringe Festival in 2018 and Roscommon Arts Centre soon after. 

Please share to all who might be interested!

Grow up in Rural Ireland? Then get in touch!

Calling Roscommon People (and more!).

During the week of January 22nd - 26th I'll be based in Roscommon Arts Centre starting a period of research and development for a new show I'm making followed by one week sessions into April.

The show is called CONFIRMATION and is inspired by Roscommon Counties rejection of marriage equality in 2015 and my Confirmation booklet from 2002.

I'm looking to talk to anyone and everyone who has something to say about growing up in Rural Ireland, the marriage referendum and how your queerness relates to your experience of country life. You don't need to be strictly LGBT+ to get in touch, I want to hear all stories from all walks of life.

During the week I will organise a large group session and one on one interviews. If you'd like to express interest in taking part in my research just get in contact below. I'd LOVE to hear from you. The project is supported by Arts Council Ireland, Creative Ireland and Roscommon Co Co. Please share this post to spread the word and get in contact below. 

Image by Caitriona Keigher.

Werk in Progress at The Glory

XNTHONY takes over for Jonny Woo's WERK IN PROGRESS while WOO is off touring OZ.

The Glory's doors are still open to all performers with new work in development. This is a programmed 'open mic' evening of all performance styles for queer artists. Whether its lip-sync, spoken word, live music, live-art or stand-up, all are welcome. It's free to come down and watch. To take part email Jonny at jonny@theglory.co. Show at 8pm, and it's free (but donations for the artists are welcome!).

Upcoming dates: January 30th, February 27th & March 20th (all Tuesdays!).